population growth in Sao Paulo


 What are the main factors which caused the population growth in Sao Paulo?

  • National migration - especially from NE brazil, attracted to fast economic growth
  • International migration - 19/20th century drawn to high rates of economic growth in 50/60s
  • Natural increase - birth rate is higher than the death rate 

What are some push factors for migration to Sao Paulo?

  • In Brazil, 31% of rural households have no land but have to rent or find work as labourers and as farms become more mechanised there is a risk of losing jobs so they move to the city to find work
  • In the 50/60s there was a shortage of labour in SP due to rapid economic growth of 226 %, advertisement campaigns were run in the rural areas to attract workers to the city
  • Bahia in North Brazil is very poor and periodically suffers from a drought


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