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  • was established to administer the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834
  • they were based in Somerset House, London
  • three main Commissioners:
    - George Nicholls
    - John Shaw Leferve
    - Thomas Frankland Lewis
  • Edwin Chadwick, who was behind the Report, hoped to become a commissioner but was instead made secretary to the commission which he felt bitter about for years to come
  • they had 9 assisstant commissioners who made sure laws were implemented locally
  • was an independent part of parliament but they had no spokesperson in parliament to defend criticism
  • the commissioners were labelled the 'Three Bashaws of Somerset House'
  • they did however have a strong constitutional position because of its associations with parliament
  • they could draw up regulations and monitor them
  • they could set dietaries for the workhouses
  • could refuse to allow certain buildings


  • the first task of the assisstant commissioners was to establish groups of unions made up of parishes
  • they needed it done quickly so they could reduce the cost of relief
  • ideally they wanted…


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