Politics Functions of Cabinet

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The Functions of Cabinet:

1. Decison/ Policy Making

To make formal government decisions. A policy becomes 'official' once approved by cabinet. In theory all domestic and many foreigh policy decisions are made within cabinet.  Eg such government decisions may include the decision to enter armed conflict such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cabinet also settles the government agenda/planning, both short and long term. 

In practise however, cabinet merely endorses major policies which have been prepared elsewhere- either in individual departemnt, cabinet committees or the PM.

2. Settle Disputes

In the occasions when a dispte between ministers cannot be resolved elsewhere (e.g By the PM), the matter will be brought to full cabinet. Cabinet is therefore the final arbitrator of policy disagreement between departments and ministers. 

E.g In 2014 there was a dispute between the Home…


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