Politics A2 4D - Human Rights Definitions

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Natural Rights - god-given rights, fundamental to humans, therefore inalienable

Humanitarianism - a concern about the well-being of humanity as a whole, typically expressed through acts of compassion/charity/philanthropy

Universalism - belief that it's possible to uncover certain values/principles applicable to all people/all societies regardless of historical/cultural differences

Negative Rights - rights that are enjoyed by virtue of the inactivity of others, particularly government, often seen (misleadlingly) as 'freedoms from' 

Civil Liberties - rights and freedoms that define a 'private' sphere of existence that belongs to the citizen not the state (freedoms from government)

Civil Rights - rights of participationand access to power, typically voting and political rights and right to non-discrimination

Positive Rights - rights that can only be enjoyed through positive intervention on part of the government - idea of 'freedom to'

Relativism - belief that ideas/values only valid in relation to particular social/cultural/historical conditions implying there are no universal truths/no universal values

Eurocentrism - application of values and theories drawn from European culture to other groups/peoples implying a biased/distorted viewpoint

Intervention - forcible action taken by one state against another state without the latters consent

Humanitarian - beign concerned with the interest of humanity, specifically through a desire to promote the welfare or reduce the suffering of other; altruistic

Liberal Interventionism - theory that liberal values and institutions are universally applicable and should be promoted by nitervention in the affairs of other states

Pariah State - a state whose behavioral norms place it outside the international community leading to diplomatic isolation and attracting widespread condemnation

Responsible Sovereignty - idea that state sovereignty is conditional upon how a…


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