Policies of key leaders

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  • this name was given from Eisenhower's foreign policy that took a hard line against communism based on an increased role for nuclear weapons to further containment
  • its key features were;
    - the belief that the USSR were pursuing expansionist policies
    - the use of military to contain communism
    - a policy of 'MASSIVE RETALIATION' against communist aggression; had been advocated by Dulles during an election campaign of 1952, implied a greater role for the use of nuclear weapons more than Truman desired for
    - the policy of BRINKMANSHIP in the use of nuclear weapons was a policy about not shying away from threatening a nuclear response during a crisis. This term is often associated with Dulles although Kennedy used this approach during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
    - the increased use of covert operations within countries that would destabilise the forces of communism
  • the 'New Look' approach seemed unlikely to produce compromise and…


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