Plot Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird - Part 2

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Part Two

  • Jem and Scout accompany Calpurnia to her church, First Purchase, and realise it is far different from their church. Return from church to find Aunt Alexandra has moved in with them.
  • Heck Tate tells Atticus they are moving Tom Robinson to the local jail and warns of trouble from a lynch mob.
  • Jem and Scout notice Atticus disappear and follow him.
  • Jem, Scout and Dill sense trouble and come to help Atticus, who tells them to go home. Jem refuses. 
  • Following Scout's innocent friendliness, Mr Cunningham disperses the group of men.
  • The trial commences - Tom Robinson is accused of **** by Mayella Ewll, a poor, badly-treated white girl.
  • Atticus establishes that Mayella's bruises were the result of blows dealt by a strong left hand. He manages to get Bob Ewell to agree that Mayella's right eye was bruised.
  • Atticus reveals to the


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