Plato's Theory of Forms


World of Forms

Plato is dualist; he believes there are two worlds. He constructed a theory surrounding this ideology which is presented in his works The Republic VII.514A - 521B. The first world is the world of forms, this world according to Plato, is where every little thing in our world (world of shadows) originates from, including our soul. The WOF is unchanging and perfect; it exists out of time therefore everything within the WOF does not change/evolve or adapt to new situations. All the forms descend from one large form, the form of the good or the form of forms, in the allegory of the cave this is represented through the sun. However this has been criticised because if there's a form of the good, then there must be a form of the bad which represents forms such as the holocaust or other wars, yet Plato has never


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