Plato's Cave and Theory Of Forms

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Socrates was a philosopher whose philosophy was to obtain the highest possible wisdom. “all I know is I knew nothing” he followed his quote throughout his life questioning people in the market place in order to become wiser – by questioning their answers he proves his capacity of logic.

PLATO: the republic

Plato was a devoted pupil to Socrates who developed his theory of the forms to portray his belief in dualism – the belief that the mind body and soul are separate.

Plato used the analogy of the charioteer to explain his belief. The charioteer and the carriage represent the soul and there are two horses – one represents the body and the other represents the mind. It is up to the soul to make them sync with each other and run properly.

The theory of the forms is that there are two worlds. The material world and the eternal world. The eternal world contains perfect forms of every object to ever exist. For instance a perfect version of a cat would live in the world of the forms. Our soul originally came from this


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