Plato and the Cave

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Makes a contrast between people who see only appearances and mistake them for the truth, and those who really do see the truth.

The Cave

There are some prisoners trapped in a cave, chained by their necks and legs so they cannot break free or turn around they are only able to look straightforward at wall in front of them. Behind the prisoners is a burning fire, in-between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised walkway where puppeteers are able to walk.

Objects && Shadows

People carry a variety of objects made from materials such as wood and stone along the walkway. The shadows of these objects are cast upon the wall that lies in front of them, because this is all the prisoners have ever known, they believe that this is life and the shadows are in fact real. And when the people carrying the puppets pass another and talk the prisoners believe that it is the shadows talking.

The Game

Plato suggested prisoners may have made up a game where they observe shadows passing by and remember their order of appearance so can make good guesses about which object will come next.


A prisoner is set free, he is now able to stand up, turn around and move at first he finds it painful to


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