Plant Transport - Xylem and Phloem.

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Xylem tissue transport water and mineral ions, it is also used to support the plant.

Phloem tissue transports dissolved substances.


Xylem and Phloem are present in the:

- root; in the centre to give support as it pushes through the soil. The Xylem is in an 'X' in the middle with Phloem situated in between the spikes. Endodermis, surrounds the cells and contains Meristem cells called Pericycle.

- stems; near the outside like scaffolding to reduce bending. The medulla is inside, the cortex surrounds it. The tissues are present in separate vascular bundles. The cambium is present in between the tissues. The Phloem are on the outside, with the Xylem inwards.

- leaves; make up a network of veins, with a cross sectional view, the…


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