Plant Oils as Fuels

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Plant Oils as Fuels

  • Vegetable oils can be used to produce fuels
  • Vegetable oils produce a lot of energy so it is suitable
  • Biodiesel is a particularly useful fuel made from vegetable oils
  • It has similar properties to ordinary fuel; it burns the same way so you can use it to fuel a diesel engine
  • Most diesel engines can burn 100% biodiesel but it's usually mixed with ordinary diesel
  • Engines burning biodiesel produces 90% as much power as engines burning ordinary diesel

Biodiesel is renewable

  • It comes from plant crops which can be planted and harvested every year
  • You can always keep making biodiesel
  • Ordinary diesel is made by the distillation of crude oil
  • Crude oil was formed millions of years ago, it'll take…


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