Plant Cell Structure - BIOL2 AS

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Leaf Pallaside Cell: 

Its function is to carry out photosynthesis, main features that allow this to happen are:

  • Long, thin cells that form a continuous layer to absorb sunlight
  • Numerous chloroplasts that arrange themselves in the best positions to collect the maximum amount of light
  • A large vacuole that pushes the cytoplasm and chloroplasts to the edge of the cell. 


They vary in shape and size but are typically disc-shaped, 2-10 um long and 1um in diameter, Its main features are:

  • The chloroplast envelope- a double plasma membrane that surrounds the organelle. Highly selective in what it allows to enter and leave the chloroplast. 
  • The grana- stacks of up to 100 disc like structures called thylakoids. Within…


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