Planet Earth Summary

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Issues/Problems for the environment:

  • Pollution - Too much of something has caused an imbalance/damage.
  • Habit destruction - Damage done to natural environment, e.g. Deforestation
  • Natural resources - Minerals, fossil fuels etc.
  • Global warming - Climate change, Earths temperature is getting hotter.
  • Waste - Wasting resources, e.g. Water and electricity. 

Responses/How to look after the Earth/Actions:

  • Conservation -
    • Protecting an area/species
    • Could repair damage land
    • Can be by Government or organisations
  • Earth Summits
    • A summit is a Government meeting, it makes agreement between nations, e.g. Kyoto = Use cleaner energy.
    • Need to take action
  • Sustainable Developments
    • Need to keep environment intact for future generations
    • Cant use up all the natural resources
    • Need to preserve the Earth
  • Solutions
    • Cut…


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