Plan for 'other characters' in The Great Gatsby: Myrtle Wilson.

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Myrtle: quotes from the book:

  • 'thickish figure of a woman'.
  • 'she carried her flesh sensuously'.
  • 'the nerves of her body were continually smouldering'.
  • 'walking through her husband as if he were a ghost'.
  • 'It's just a crazy old thing...I just slip it on sometimes when I don't care what I look like'.
  • 'a massage and a wave and a collar for the dog'.
  • 'until she seemed to revolving on a noisy creaking pivot through the smoky air'.
  • 'I thought he knew something about breeding but he wasn't fit to lick my shoe.'
  • "Who said I was crazy about him?"
  • 'raised her eyebrows


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