Pitt's Reign of Terror

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Pitts reign of terror


> 1790-93 government relied on magistrates to monitor and discourage radical action in the localities.
1. Magistrates issued pub licences and could threaten to remove them if they allowed radical meetings in their pubs

> 1793 Home office expanded, and an Alien section and small Secret Service were set up.
1. Extensive use of spies and informers who successfully infiltrated the LSC and other leading radical societies

> Prosecutions against prominent radicals.
1. 1793-94: Thomas Muir tried to set up a National Convention; charged with sedition (inciting revolution) sentanced to 14 years transportation.. Judge was biased.

2. Thomas Palmer charged with encouraging others to read Thomas Paine. Sentanced to 7 years transportation.

3. 'Treason trials' 1794- leaders of LSC…




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