Pitt the Younger - Reform Attempts

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Pitt the Younger - Reform Attempts


Problems that he faced:

  • Not all government ministers were competent enough to understand the problems that faced the nation. As a result, Pitt was the King's chief advisor.
  • Us war of Independence left huge financial strain on the UK. By 1783 National Debt had reached £240 million, with an interest of £8 million.
  • War with US and loss of US colonies severly damaged British trade, and the tariff system was outdated.
  • Sinecures/corruption - highly paid offices for doing very little. Hard to erase as they were ingrained in government as tradition.
  • Loans system - government ministers raised loans for the governments through assosciates; who offered extortionate interest rates when better ones were available elsewhere.
  • 'Mince Pie Ministry' - whilst Pitt was well respected, his government faced serious opposition and lacking a majority, was not expected to last until the Christmas of 1784.

Achievements of Pitt the Younger:

  • 1784 Election - Pitt was absolutely determined to hold onto power, he had the support of the King and Lord Fox alienated his own support condemning the King.
  • Pitt garnered electoral support using his fathers influence,


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