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Foreign affairs:

  • Count Cavour was persuaded to join the Crimean War by Victor Emmanuel II
  • the result of the joining for this war was the Cavour gained a seat at the peace conference among great powers
  • he formed a friendship with Napoleon Bonaparte III which eventually resulted in a pact at Plombieres

Political developments:

  • after the 1848 revolutions, Piedmont was the only state that kept its constitution, which was very liberal - the Statuto guaranteed free press censorship, individual liberty and others. This is what attracted the 30,000 political exiles to Piedmont
  • Piedmont now became the centre of a nationalist movement - 'out there' newspapers and journals were free to publish
  • there was also what's known as the Connubio - created by Cavour - meaning a political alliance (marriage). At the start of 1852, Rattazzi's centre-left party combined with d'Azeglio's centre-right, it strengthened the power of parliament greatly compared to the monarch
  • the above made things easier to pass big reforms which attracted more political exiles
  • November 1852, Cavour became Prime Minister, d'Azeglio was the former prime minister who suggested Cavour, he was forced to resign due to clashes with the Pope as well as Victor Emmanuel II regarding a law trying to be passed allowing civil marriage


  • a man named Giuseppe Siccardi introduced the Siccardi…


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