Pickel and Inadmissable Evidence

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Admissable evidence; Evidence that can be used in court to perusade the jury 

Inadmissable evidence; evidence that cannot be shown to the jury. Examples of this 

hearsay- gossip, speculation, and rumour. This might prejudice a jury but it doesn't prove anything

Prior Convictions; Letting a jury know about their previous convictions might predujice them against the defendant 

Improper Evidence; illegal ways of gathering evidence e.g. phone tapping, entering someone's house without a search warrant,or carrying out a interview without permission or a solicitor. 

The main problem is when inadmissable evidence is presented to the jury anyway- due to a mistake, or prehaps because a lawyer is deliberately trying to sneak evidence past a judge. If this happens that the judge declares that the evidence is inadmissable and instructs the jury to ignore it. But do jurors ignore evidence like this, or does it affect their verdict?


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