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Reaching a Verdict – How Psychology Can Inform Behaviour in the Courtroom

Persuading a Jury


1.3 Effect of Evidence Being Ruled Inadmissible (barred)


·        The law says that in order for evidence to be admissible in court, its relevance must outweigh its potential for discrimination. 

·        Inadmissible evidence includes rumour, past convictions and evidence obtained by illegal means. 

·        If inadmissible evidence is presented in error by a witness, the judge will direct the jury to disregard what they have just heard. 

·        However, by drawing their attention to it, it may be that the jury in fact pays even more attention to it. 


Key Study: Pickel, Investigating the Effect of Instructions to Disregard Inadmissible Evidence


Aims –


1.     To look at the effect of prior convictions

2.     To look at the role of the judges instructions when they were followed by a legal explanation

3.     To examine


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