Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

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  • Most influential theory
  • Child's understanding develops because: brain maturation and experiences
  • Four stages: sensori-motor stage (0-2 years, develops object permanence), pre-operational stage (2-7 years, egocentrism and lack conservation), concrete operations stage (7-11 years, conservation, seriation) and formal operations stage (11+, abstract thought, hypothetical thinking)
  • Cognitive structures: schemas and operations develop through assimililation accompanied by equilibrium and accomodation accompanied but disequilibrium


  • Confirmatory bias - most evidence came from Piaget's work with his collegues
  • Observed and interviewed children - unreliable pp, demand characteristics, underestimate their abilities
  • Cultural bias - initial observations from own children from Swiss
  • Sensori-motor stage - Bower and Wishart - children below 8 months still reach for objects when they are not visible…


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