Physics Unit 2 AQA

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  • Speed = distance / time

m/s= m/s

  • Gradient of a distance time graph- speed= change in distance/ time taken for change

for example 50-0 / 10-0 = 50 / 10 = 5m/s

  • Velocity is speed in a given direction
  • Acceleration occurs as an object changes velocity
    Acceleration= change in velocity / time taken for change
    m/s/s= m/s / s
  • Understand velocity time graph
    area under line is distance traveled
    - triangles and rectangles
    - triangle = 1/2 x base x height
    gradient of the line on a velocity time graph is used for acceleration
  • Resultant force is when two objects interact they exert equal and opposite forces on each other.
    -All the forces acting on an object can be described be a single force that has the same effect as all the forces acting together.
  • Resultant force N = Mass kg x acceleration m/s/s
  • Stopping distance = thinking distance + braking distance
  • Braking distance can be increased by more mass, speed of…


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