physics (the moon 2)

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the phases of the moon

  • the mooon doesnt glow itself-it only reflects light from the sun. only the half facing the sun is lit up. leaving the other half in shadow
  • as the moon orbits the earth, we see different amounts of the moon's dark and lip-up sufaces.
  • you see a 'full moon' when the whole of the lip-up surface is facing earth, and a 'new moon' when the dark half faces us.
  • the rest of the phases are in between there two extremes. 

eclipses happen when light from the sun is blocked.

  • there are two main types of eclipse: lunar and solar.

lunar eclipse:

  • as it orbits, the moon sometimes passes into the earths shadow. the earth blocks sunlight from the moon, so almost no light is reflected from the oon and it just seems to disappear. a total lunar eclipse is…


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