Physics P7 OCR

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Movement of objects in space.
Stars, planets and the Moon appear to travel east to west across the sky.
A sidereal day is when earth spins 360 degrees. A solar day is 24 hours.
The Moon appears to travel once across the sky in 24 hours 49 minutes.
A sidereal day is 4 minutes shorter the a solar day.
The Earth rotates round the Sun showing different stars as the year goes by.
The Planets change positions compared to background stars.
The Lunar cycle is the Moon's appearance during a 28 day orbit of the Earth.
The Solar eclipse is the Moon passing between the Sun and the Earth.
The Lunar eclipse is the Earth passing between the Sun and the Moon.
Parallax is thought of as an apparent motion of an object against the background which is caused by motion of the observer. Parallax is the angle of a star, which is half the angle moved against  background of distant stars in 6 months. The distance in




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