Physics P2 - The big bang

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Scientists have detected a cosmic microwave background radiation or CMBR. This is received from all parts of the Universe and is thought to be the heat left over from the original explosion of the big bang.

red-shifted is where there are black lines in the spectrum of the light from the Sun where helium has absorbed light. These lines form the absorption spectrum for helium. This happens in stars too, the further away it is the more the lines shift towards the red side of the spectrum, there for giving it it's name: red shift.

EvidenceInterpretation light from other galaxies is red-shifted other galaxies are moving away from us The further away the galaxy, the more its light is red-shifted The most likely explanation is that the whole Universe is expanding and this supports the theory that the start of the Universe could have began with a single explosion

Stars form from massive clouds of dust and gas in space. Gravity pulls the dust and gas together. As…


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