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light increases the speed of communication.

wireless technology uses the electromagnetic spectrum.

the electromagnetic spectrum is a series of waves that gradually increase in frequency, the fastest wave being at the end.

Radio waves, micro waves, infared waves, visible light, ultra violet, X rays, Gamma rays.

Micro waves are used in mobile phones for communication, there has been research that suggests young children could be at risk of developing cancer because of the microwaves effecting them. Although this hasn't been officially proven yet.

Infared waves are used in micro wave cooking and is the basis of micro wave cooking. Infared waves reflect of a shiny surface and heat the food. Needs to have water and fat to work.

Ultra violet waves produce lasers that have a single coherent beam of light, often used in dental treatment, surgery, laser shows, and reading CD's.

X rays are used to detect breakages in the body.

Gamma rays can go through the body.

An analouge singnal isn't as good as a digital signal because it doesn't use multiplexing which stops any distortion from increasing amplitude. In digital singnals, multiplexing is used to support the sound of the signal so it doesn't become distorted as it is being transmitted. The signal is either on (1) or off (0) while analouge is all over the place.

DAB broadcasts are better than FM radio because you don't have to keep retuning the radio, you can have lots of different stations in different areas but FM radio has a slightly better quality.

speed: wavelengh x frequency

Conduction occurs in solids when the vibrating…


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