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Nine forms of energy

  • storable energy- potential
  • -chemical
  • -gravitational (GPE)
  • -nuclear
  • -elastic
  • transit/temporary energy
  • -kinetic
  • -electrical
  • dispersed/diffused energy
  • -light
  • -thermal (always present in energy transfer)
  • -sound

Conservation of energy

  • the law of conservation of energy tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another form
  • some will be transformed into the useful form we wanted but some will always be transformed into useless forms and will be wasted


  • at the top max GPE and 0 kinetic energy
  • and the bottom max kinetic and min GPE

Useful energy

  • whenever an energy transfer takes place, some of the input energy will become the useful form that is wanted
  • some…


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