Physics GCSE - Energy and the Environment

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Fossil fuel problems:

  • When we burn coal, oil or gas, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are released, which cause global warming.
  • Burning fossil fuels can also produce sulfur dioxide, which creates acid rain which in turn has corrosive effects on buildings and statues, and makes lakes,ponds and rivers turn acidic.
  • Fossil fuels are non-renewable, meaning they are slowly running out and the Earth's reserves of these fuels are limited.

So what are the alternative sources of energy?

Nuclear Power:

Advantages -

  • Clean fuel - no sulfur dioxide or harmful greenhouse gases are produced
  • Much more energy gained from each kilogram of uranium (or plutonium) fuel than from fossil fuel
  • Continuous process

Disadvantages -

  • The used fuel rods contain radioactive waste, which has to be stored safely for centuries.



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