IGCSE Physics-Velocity, Acceleration,Speed and D-T/V-T graphs

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Forces and Motion

Velocity and Acceleration

SPEED= how fast you are going (e.g 30 m/s or 10 mph)

VELOCITY= how fast you are going, but you MUST include a direction (e.g 30 m/s North)

Speed, Distance and Time

The Formula 

Average Speed= Distance/ Time         

Distance/(speed x time) (http://www.channel4learning.com/apps/homeworkhigh/images/triangle.gif)

TIP;To use this triangle just cover up the word you want to find  E.g. If you're looking for time cover up time and you are left with distance/time, This is the equation needed to find out time. 


A girl cycles for 3 hours at a speed of 40km/s. How far does she Travel? Give your answer in km.

Step 1: Cover up distance on the formula traingle to find the equation. You should see it is

Speed x Time 

Step 2: Use…


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