Physics Edexel GCSE Revision Notes - Basic Stuff

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CURRENT is the FLOW of ELECTRONS around a circuit. VOLTAGE is the DRIVING FORCE that pushes the current around. RESISTANCE is anything in the circuit that slows the flow down. If you INCREASE the VOLTAGE, the CURRENT will INCREASE but if you INCREASE the RESISTANCE, the CURRENT will DECREASE. Think of it like water – current is the flow of water, voltage is the pressure provided by a pump, resistance is anything that hinders the water flow.

ELECTRONS flow from –VE to +VE NOT the other way around which we would think!

The VOLTMETER is ALWAYS connected in a circuit in PARALLEL and the AMMETER in SERIES.


Waves transfer energy from one place to another without transferring any matter.

The AMPLITUDE is the displacement from the rest position to the CREST (NOT FROM CREST TO TROUGH!) The WAVELENGTH


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