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Velocity and Acceleration

  • Speed measures how fast you're going. speed=distance/time
  • Velocity measures how and fast you're going and the direction you're going in.
  • Acceleration is how quickly speed is changing. acceleration=change in                                                                                                 velocity/timetaken
  • Change in velocity can be a change of speed or direction.

Distance Time Graphs

  • Gradient = speed.
  • Flat sections = stopped.
  • Downhill = going back to the start.
  • Line curving up = acceleration.
  • Line curving down = deceleration.

Velocity Time Graphs

  • Gradient = acceleration.
  • Flat = steady speed.
  • steeoer the graph upwards = steeper the acceleration.
  • steeper the graph downwards = steeper the deceleration.
  • Area under the section of the graph = distance traveled.


  • Force of attraction between all masses.
  • On the surface of a planet it will make things accelerate


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