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Waves are caused by a dusturbance resulting in a vibration

Waves transport energy 

A wave that transports energy by causing vibrations in a material or medium through which it moves is called a progressive wave.

Light waves are produced by vibrating electrical charges.

A transverse wave has botg a magnetic nd an oscillating component. 2 components oscillate in planes that are perpendicular to each other. If you could view an em wave coming towards you then you would view both the electric and magnetic component if the wave occuring in more than one plane. Electric component of the wave=part our eyes are sensitive to. 

Unpolarised light waves are created by an electrical charge whivh vibrates in a variety of directions. 

A polaroid filter is able to polarise light because of the chemical composition of the filter material.


Place polaroid filter infront of filament bulb the light from bulb is unpolarised but is plane polarised after passing through the filter. First filter=polariser.

Now view the plane polarised light using a second polaroid filter (analyser) at a certain angle the light intensity viewed through the sencond filter will be a max and as you rotate the second filter the intensity of the light will change. You will see that the intensity of the light transmitted by the second filter falls to a min after 90 degree rotation from max intensity position. 

Continuius range of wavelengths=em spectrum and its subdividing is carried out by how each region of it interacts with matter. 

Uv;excited electrons within atoms 

Representatiins of waves; displacement of particle of medium against time or distance along the wave 



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