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9 forms of energy -  kinetic, nuclear, elastic, sound, heat, gravitational, light, electrical and chemical.



Conduction  - in solids and not so well in liquids

Convection  -  in liquids and gases

Air in convection gets less dense before it rises. The air then gets denser and sinks.

Heat can be transferred through empty space by Infrared radiation. All hot or warm objects gives off or emit radiation. Infrared radiation can be  absorbed or reflected.

The speed of particles moving is related to the temparature as the faster the particles, the hotter it is. The more the particles, the more the energy. The 3 types of heat transfer are convection, radiation, and conduction. The opposite of conduction is insulation


Temperature is the the average speed of the moving particles.


U-values measures the rate of energy transfer through a material.


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