Physics 2 Physics for your future/P2: Topic 1-Static and current electricity/P2.1 Static electricity

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  • An example of the effect of static electricity is when you get out a car and feel a shock.
  • It is caused by an electrical charge building up on insulating materials (The electrical charge is also known as an electrostatic charge).
  • Every atom has charged particles called protons and electrons. 
  • Protons are positively charged and are found in the nucleus of an atom.
  • Electrons are negatively charged and travel around the atom.
  • An atom has no overall charge because the protons and electrons balance it out.
  • The nucleus also contains neutrons, which have no charge.


Relative charge: +1

Relative mass: 1


Relative charge: 0

Relative mass: 1


Relative charge: -1



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