Physics 2 - Momentum and Collisions

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Momentum and Collisions

MOMENTUM (kg.m/s) = MASS (kg) X VELOCITY (m/s)

p = m x v

  • Momentum is a property of moving objects.
  • The greater the mass of an object and greater its velocity, the more momentum the obbject has
  • Momentum is a vector quantity - it has size and direction

In a closed system, the momentum before an event is the same after an event. This is called the conservation of momentum.

Example 1 - Collisions

Two skaters approach each other, Ed weighs 80kg and is traveling at 2 m/s and Sue is weighs 60kg and is travelling at 1.5m/s, collide and move off togehter. At what velocity do they move after the collision?

1) Choose which is postive, for example the direction which Ed is travelling

2) Total momentum before collision

  = momentum of Ed + momentum of…


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