Physics 2 - Ionising Radiation

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Ionising Radiation

Alpha Particles

  • An alpha particle is two neutroms and two protons - the same as a helium nucleus.
  • They are relatively big and heavy and slow moving.
  • They therefore don't penetrate very far into materials and are stopped quickly, even when travelling through air.
  • Because of their size they are stongly ionising, which just means they can bass into a lot of atoms and knock electrons off them before they slow down, which creats lots of ions.
  • It can be stopped by skin, paper and 5cm of air.

Beta Particles

  • Beta particles are in-between alpha amd gamma particles in terms of their properties.
  • They move quite fast and are quite small (they're electrons).
  • They penetrate moderatly into materials before colliding, have a long range in air, and are moderatly…


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