Physics 2 - Electricity in the Home

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Electricity in the Home

Hazards in the home

  • Long cables
  • Frayed cables
  • Cables in contact with something hot or cold
  • Water near sockets
  • Shoving things into the socket
  • Damaged plugs
  • Too many plugs into one socket
  • lighting sockets without bulbs in
  • Appliances without their covers on.

Cables within plugs

  • Most electrical appliances are connected to the mains suppy by three-core cables. This means that they have three wires inside them, each with a core of copper and a coloured plastic coating.
  • The brown LIVE WIRE in a mains supply alternates between a HIGH +VE AND -VE VOLTAGE.
  • The blue NEUTRAL WIRE is always at 0V. Electricty normally flows…


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