Physics unit 1- energy transferred by heating

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  • Infrared waves are part of the elctromagnetic spectrum
  • part of the spectrum just beyond red visible light
  • can be detected by our skin because it makes us feel warm- the sun gives off infrared radiation and it gets to us because it can travel through a vacuum (space) so doesnt involve particles
  • ALL objects emit infrared radiation
  • DARK MATT SURFACES- good absorber and emitter of radiation- they transfer and cool down quicker
  • LIGHT SHINY SURFACES- good relector of radiation
  • three states of matter- SOLID, LIQUID, GAS
  • we can turn a solid into a liquid by melting it
  • we can turn a liquid into a gas by evaporating it 
  • we can turn a liquid into a solid by freezing it
  • we can turn a gas into a liquid by condensing it
  • we can turn a gas into a solid AND VISE VERSA by sumblimation
  • SOLID- particles in fixed pattern, touching other particles and do not move- only vibrate
  • LIQUID- particles touch one another, can move and flow
  • GAS- particles far apart, fast and randombly moving
  • conduction- transfer of energy from particle to particle
  • metals are good conductors due to free electrons gaining kinetic energt and transferring energy by collisions
  • poor conductors=insulators e.g. wool
  • insulators trap air
  • convection- the circulation of a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by…


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