Physics P7

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conservation of energy 

energy is transferred between energy stores 

kinetic- anything moving 

chemical-anything release energy by a chemical reaction

thermal- any object 

gravitational potential- anything in a gravitational field 

elastic potential- anything that is stretched

electrostatic- two charges that attract and repel each other

magnetic- two magnets that attract and repel each other 

nuclear- atomic nuclei release energy from this store during nuclear reactions 

energy can be transferred between stores in 4 main ways:

mechanically- an object moving due to a force acting upon it 

electrically- a charge moving through a potential difference e.g charges moving around a circuit 

by heating- enegy transferred from a hotter object to a colder one 

by radiation- enrrgy transferred by light or sound waves 

Law of conservation of energy 

enegy can be stored, transferred between stores, and


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