Physics- P1.2



Elctrical Power

  • The power of a device is the energy transferred in one second. i.e the rate of energy transfer

Costing Electricity

  • Kilo- watt hour is the amount of energy transferred by a one kilowatt appliance switched on for one hour,
  • The amount of energy transferred to a mains appliance can be found using the equation: Energy (KWH) = Power (KW) x Time (H)
  • The totak cost of the electrical energy supplied can be found using the equation: Cost= number of kilowatt- hours x cost per KWH

Electricity from fuels

  • Powdered coal is blown into the furnace (Chenical- Thermal)
  • The coal burns, heating up water in the boiler (Thermal- Kinetic)
  • The water in the boiler becomes high pressure steam (Kinetic- Electrical)
  • The high pressure steam turns the turbine
  • The turbine turns a shaftconnected to the generator
  • The…


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