Physical geography: case study an area coastal management

mappleton, holderness

the coast between flambourough head and spurn head is formedc of boulder clay and is being eroded. four kilometers of land has been lost in the last 2,000 years.

the coast is being eroded rapidly because:

  • boulder clay is soft, unconsolidated rock and is easily eroded. the sea attacks the cliff foot, which is eroded by hydraulic action and abrasion. the cliff face is eroded by weathering which causes rotational slip
  • longshore drift sweeps hte eroded material south so beaches do not build up in the front of the cliffs to protect them.

attempts to protect parts of the coastline in the past have also been blamed for increasing erosion in places further along the coast so the actions of people also contribtue to the rapid erosion of this coastline.

mappleton is a small village with about 50 properties which lies 3km south of hornsea. the main round through the village links all the settlements along the coast.

  • mappleton was at risk of being lost to the sea…


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