Physical Education - Principles of training

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Principles of Training - SPOR

Specificity - Training must be matched to the needs of the sporting activity to improve fitness in the body parts the sport uses.

Overload - Fitness can only be imporved by training more than you normally do. You must work hard

Progression - Start slowly and gradually increase the amount of exercize you do and keep overloading.

Reversibility - Any adaption that takes place as a result of training will be reversed when you stop training. If you take a break or don't train often enough you will lose fitness.

Principles of Training - FITT

Frequency - Decide how often to train

Intensity - Choose how hard to train

Time - Decide for how long to train

Type - Decide which methods of training to use

Principles of Training - Aerobic and Anaerobic

In Aerobic exercise, which is steady and not to fast, the heart is able to supply enough oxygen to the muscles. Areobic training improves cardiovascular fitness.

In Anaerobic




Hi for the FITT Principle we have a YouTube tutorial which explains this further the link to it is it can help you make some more detailed notes on it and also how it can be applied with a couple of examples. 

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