Physical Fieldwork (Afon Ogwen)

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Physical Fieldwork

Key Idea:

  • Does the Afon Ogwen become deeper and wider with distance downstream? (As shown by the Schumm Model.)


  • Both width and depth of the Afon Ogwen will increase with distance downstream.
  • Width increases as a result of lateral erosion such as hydraulic action.
  • Depth increases due to vertical erosion such as hydraulic action.
  • This hypothesis will help me answer the overall question of whether the Afon Ogwen follows the Schumm Model by becoming deeper and wider. Through investigating two of the characteristics of how a river varies between the upper course (source= Ffynnon Loer) and lower course of a river.

Risk Assessment:

  • Risk= Broken bottles in the river. Solution= Be wary.
  • Risk=Crossing roads. Solution= Look both ways.
  • Risk=Tripping, broken bones. Solution=Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Risk= High velocity/ fast current in river (could get swept away). Solution= Choose another day (only sample in river where there is adequate weather). Don't stand close by.

Methodology/ Data Collection:

How did we measure width and depth?

  • Used a tape measure.
  • Selected a straight section of the river that is easy to access and safe.
  • Used systematic sampling (every so often)- as much as possible (stratified). Roughly every kilometre down the river.


  • Used ranging poles at either bank.
    • Has to be straight in order to ensure accuracy.
  • Used a tape measure.
    • Measure at red/white junction.
    • Tape must be taught.
    • IMPROVEMENTS: could use a laser measurer to improve accuracy.


  • Systematic- every 10% (allows accurate picture of the shape of the bed).
  • Metre ruler- place on bed at a right angle to it.
  • Metre ruler's flat side has to be perpendicular to the river so water doesn't build


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