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10 facts about photosynthisis...

1- green palnts absorb light energy using chloralphl in thier leaves. they use it to reacat carbon dioxide with water to make a sugar called glucose.

2- glucose is used in repiration or  converted into insoluble starch and stored.(can be later turned back).

3- oxygen is produced as a by- product.

4- tempreture, carbon dioxide concentration, light intestity are all facotors that limit the rate of photosynthisis.

5- photosynthisis- the chemical change which happens in the leaves of green plants.

6- it is the first step towards making food.- not just for plants but untimtly for evrey animal on the plantet.

7- chlorophl is  a green substance found in chloplasts.

8- carbon dioxide + water   →*  glucose + oxygen

*light energy on top of arrow


10- farmers can used thier knowledge of limiting factors to increase crop yileds.


1- used by


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