Photosynthesis Respiration and ATP

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A Few Key Words...

  • Metabolic Pathway - series of small reactions controlled by enzymes
  • Phosphorylation - adding phosphate to a molecule
  • Photophosphorylation - adding phosphate to a molecule using light
  • Photolysis- splitting of a molecule using light
  • Hydrolysis - splitting of a molecule using water
  • Decarboxylation - removal of carbon dioxide from a molecule 
  • Dehydrogenation - removal of hydrogen from a molecule
  • Redox reaction - reaction that has oxidation and reduction

Biological Processes Need Energy

  • Plants need energy for things like photosynthesis, cell division and active transport.
  • Animals need energy for things like muscle contraction, active transport and protein synthesis

Photosynthesis Stores Energy In Glucose

  • 6CO+6H2O + energy --->  C6H12O6 (glucose) +6O2
  • Photosynthesis is where energy from light is used to make glucose from H2
  • Energy is stored in the glucose until the plants release it by respiration 

Cells Release Energy From Glucose by Respiration

  • Plant and animal cells release energy from glucose - respiration, this powers all biological


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