Photosynthesis :] - Light Dependent Reaction

Enjoy :]

Photosynthesis can be split into 2 stages:

The Light-Dependent Reaction and the Light-Independent Reaction.

I'll go through the Light-Dependent Reaction for you :D

  • The Light-Dependent Reaction needs light energy, as the name suggests.
  • Takes place in the thykaloid membranes of the chloroplasts.
  • The light is absorbed by pigments in the photosystems and converted to chemical energy.
  • The light energy is used to add a phosphate group to ADP to form ATP, and to reduce NADP. ATP transfers energy and reduced NADP transfers hydrogen to the Light-Independent Reaction.
  • During the process H2O is oxidised to O2 and the oxygen is given off as waste (which is extremelyyy good for us!)

In the Light-Dependent Reaction, ATP is made by photophosphorylation. This means the light energy is used for the following things:

1) Making ATP


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