photosynthesis and plants

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Water+carbon dioxide___sunlight__> glucose+oyxgen

Photosynthesis is the process through which plants make their food (glucose) using water (from the soil) and carbon dioxide (from the air) to amke glucose (sugar) and oxygen. 

The reaction requires light energy which is absorbed by a green sunbstance in plants called CHLOROPHYLL.

Photosynthesis = making food with light

Testing for photosynthesis:

-boil a leaf to remove the wax

-then transfer leaf to a boiling tube and pour in some ethanol

-after that we placed the leaf in a watch glass and put a few drops of iodine on it

-this will turn some of the leaf blue and black 

The leaf turned blue/black because there is glucose in the leaf which is starch, if there is glucose in it, it means it has phtotsynthesised because it cxreates sugar when doing it. 

Another way to test for photosynthesis is to put some pondweed in a testtube with some water and


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