Ansel Adams was an American photographer, best known for his black-and-white photographs of California's Yosemite Valley

Diane Arbus was an American photographer, noted for her portraits of people on the fringes of society

Eve Arnold joined Magnum Photos in 1951. Her images of Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits (1961) were perhaps her most memorable, but she had taken many photos of Monroe

Eugene Atget was a French photographer noted for his photographs documenting the architecture and street scenes of Paris

Richard Avedon was an American fashion photographer. In the American West – photo book by Richard Avedon

Cecil Beaton is best known for his fashion photographs and society portraits. He worked as a staff photographer for Vanity Fair and Vogue in addition to photographing celebrities in Hollywood. Cecil Beaton is also known for his photos of the Queen's coronation in 1953

Brassai (pseudonym of Gyula Halasz) was a Hungarian photographer, sculptor, and filmmaker who rose to international fame in France in the 20th century

Mick Burke was an English mountaineer and climbing cameraman, who covered many British-led mountaineering expeditions during the 1960s and 1970s. He died on Chris Bonington's 1975 Everest expedition

Julia Margaret Cameron is known for her portraits of celebrities of the time, and for photographs with Arthurian and other legendary or heroic themes, taken between 1864 and 1875

Robert Capa was a Hungarian photographer who covered five different wars. Died in Indochina in 1954. The Falling Soldier by Robert Capa was taken in 1936 and long thought to depict the death of a Republican soldier during the Spanish Civil War, but there are significant doubts about its authenticity

Henri Cartier-Bresson worked only in black-and-white. Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa were among the founders of Magnum Photos in Paris in 1947

Louis Daguerre took the first photograph of the Moon in 1839

Robert Doisneau used a Leica on the streets of Paris in the 1930s; together with Henri Cartier-Bresson he was a pioneer of photojournalism. He is renowned for his 1950 image Kiss by the Hotel de Ville, a photo of a couple kissing in the busy streets of Paris

Terence Donovan was a celebrated British photographer and film director, perhaps best remembered for his fashion photography of the 1960s, or for the music video to Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love

Richard Drew is best known for The Falling Man, a photograph by of a man jumping from the Twin Towers on 9/11

Brian Duffy was an English photographer and film producer, best remembered for his fashion and portrait photography of the 1960s and 1970s

Alfred Eisenstaedt was a German-American photographer who is best known for his photograph capturing the celebration of V-J Day

Roger Fenton was one of the first war photographers. Photographed the Crimean War

Robert Frank is an American photographer and documentary filmmaker. His most notable work is the 1958 book titled The Americans. The photographs are notable for their distanced view of both high and low strata of American society

Nan Goldin shot the heroin series The Ballad of Sexual Dependency between 1979 and 1986

Andreas Gursky is a German photographer who has created two of the four most expensive photographs in the world

Rhein II was produced as the…


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