Features and Symptoms

Symptoms characterise a disorder (how it makes you feel) while features include stats/facts about a disorder.


  • Phobias are an anxiety disorder and the responses are extensions of normal anxiety.
  • They are an intense, irrational anxiety or fear that is directed towards a particular object or situation that causes anxiety.
  • The fear can cause panic and sweating. Even the thought of the target of the phobia can be sufficient enough to cause palpitations and hyperventilating.
  • People may go pale because their blood is being pumped to their internal organs and muscles to keep them alive, so their blood vessels are not coming to the skin's surface.


  • Phobias are one of the common types of psychological disorders and can affect as many as 13% of the population at some times in their lives.
  • Phobias are quite amenable to treatment, and in 90% of cases significant improvement is reported.
  • Almost anything can become a phobic object. The most…


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