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Definition:An extreme/irrational fear of a spefic object or situtation, which leads to avoidance of the specific stimulus.

Types: Specific: Strong fear and avoidance. This anxiety must be triggered immediatley when exsposed to phobia. Specific phobias are quite common as it effects 10% of the population.

Social:An intense fear of scoial situations. Thye are likely to avoid social situations as tey dont enjoy social interaction and feel they may being judged.

Agrophobia:  Intense fear of public and open spaces. Can be as a result of panic attacks: the suffer feels they will be unale to escape having a panic attack and therefore feel anxious. This results in them staying at home. It can also be a fera of the environment outside their safety (home), this leads to them staying at home.


Psychoanalytic:  Freuds little Hans case study- Hans developed a fear of castration afterhis mother threatened to cut it off. A conflict developed between Hans and his father. The anixety of castration was displaced onto the horse and repressed into the unconscious mind.The girafee dream represented his fathers objection of staying in his bed.

Behavioural:classical conditioning involved learning through assocication. Case study of litle Albert- a loud noise evoked fear and white rat did


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