Philosophy - Problems with Evil and Suffering

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Arguments against God allowing suffering and/or God truly existing

  • If he truly is benovolent (all loving), then why does he allow good, innocent people in this world to suffer?  God is omnipotent (all-powerful), so why doesn't he use his power to prevent suffering in the world? This to some people, suggests that he either doesn't exist at all or that the "devil is winning over him". God is omniscient (knows all), so why doesn't he stop suffering and pain if he knows how if affects people. People think that God is benevolent (caring). So why does he still allow people to feel pain and undergo suffering. Also, if God did create the world, then he created all of it's flaws, including rape, selfishness and hate.
  • Why would God allow innocent people to suffer, even if they believe in him? It's unfair and unjust and has no reason behind it.
  • Why did God give people 'free will'? Why didn't he just make humans perfect


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